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.conf 2014 Presentation: Building a Development Environment

Earlier today I received notification that my presentaiton proposal has been accepted, so I will be giving a talk entitled Building a Development Environment at Splunk’s .conf 2014 conference October 6-9 2014 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

My supervisor’s proposed talk “Normalizing data and a highly heterogeneous organization” was also accepted. Unfortunately, my boss’s proposed talk and my second porposal are in limbo; it sounds like they made a pile of talks they want to have and a maybe pile and are trying to trim the maybe pile down to their final selections.

While I have never been to a .conf (I was in the process of transitioning into my current role working on Splunk during .conf 2013), several of my co-workers have gone (and given presentations) and speak favorably of it.

The accepted talk’s abstract:

While a development environment typically can’t look like production even installing Splunk on your laptop can be a huge step forward in terms of testing changes, being able to try new things, and being free to break the software to better understand how it works.

I have been working on utilizing a vagrant setup (http://www.vagrantup.com) to quickly bring up new test environments, to expand beyond a single server test scenario into a distributed configuration, and to test forwarder configuration on various distributions.

The long term goals is to (1) have an easy environment for learning, (2) have an easy environment for developing and testing new content (extractions, apps that ONLY utilize the CIM and thus only have CIM compliant data), and the testing of apps to ensure that each tier only gets the appropriate information to reduce bloat.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know most of what I will discuss (actually you probably know more as I won’t have time to cover everything I have here), but if nothing else this will be a good motivation to clean-up the code, make sure I have the github repos up-to-date, and to migrate blog posts over to the project’s documentation to try and maket my work easier to use.

If you have suggestions for the talk or on preparation work, please let me know! I always say I like to be right, so if I’m wrong, please do me a favor and let me know. The world isn’t typically black and white, so even if I can just improve in some way, I’d much prefer to give the better talk, release the better version, etc.