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Splunk DMC: No PDF Export Option

We have our own dashboards that predate the DMC, but the memory one broke. While I typically prefer to use SAR since that output works across our systems, I used DMC and noticed that there was no export to PDF button.

Aside: THe quick workaround is to append &hideEdit=false

I made a feature request (copied below to job my memory):

It would be great if you didn’t hide the edit controls in the DMC.

My specific use case was I wanted to export a PDF of a dashboard to show support how upgrading caused our deployment server / license master to use significantly more memory. I don’t thinks its unreasonable for people to want to export copies of those dashboards for reference when having discussions like this.

At a larger level, I could see it being useful to have the option to show/hide edit controls separate from the print/export buttons. If you wanted to take that as a second feature request (assuming that’s a different team) that’s fine. Within the context of the DMC, I think it would be great to allow people to edit as the DMC could be a built-in example of how powerful dashboards can be and help serve as a reference.